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Check out this new library for generating backgrounds on-the-fly in your Yaroze programs. It was written by Eric O'Laughlen.
Metrowerks CodeWarrior for version 2.0 released! The PSXUTIL downloader now supports the SIOCONS batch file format. Unfortunately, the user interface is still that piece of garbage cross-platform Macintosh/Windows compiler, but the downloader and graphical debugger are worth the price alone (especially if you're tired of gdb). Download it here.
Eric also found that the only hardware required to the development environment consists of the connector, the access card, and any stock PlayStation. But we still agree with Club Yarouze that "black matted finish is cool".
Sony Net Yaroze is a members-only development system for folks who want to get into game development at a low cost. You get a real Sony PlayStation, development software, documentation, and connection hardware to connect the PlayStation to your PC.
Check out the FAQ on the Net Yaroze over at Sony's main site to find out more. Games produced on the Yaroze won't run on regular PlayStations without recompilation on a bonafide Sony development system (which translates to "many thousands of dollars"). So, rather than rob a bank, it seems like a better idea to kick down the door to game development on a real Sony PlayStation with a hardware dongle for much less cash.
You need to be a Net Yaroze member to download the files, which are linked from our file area on the password-protected Net Yaroze site. You have to have a Net Yaroze system to run the files (any old Sony PlayStation won't do), but every licensed Net Yaroze user already has access to that site.
For a while, a site called "Damaged Cybernetics" hosted PSX hacking tools. That site has been mostly taken down due to lack of interest. The utilities and other information posted there are still valuable. If you'd like to know more, drop me a line. A PSX hacker named Sergio, with no official development tools from Sony, wrote his own PSX hacking tools which are kept at Club Yarouze. Other tools are at STRUCTURE but these are by no means the only tools available.